Looking Ahead to Spring Break – 7 Reasons Why You Need to Try SUP Yoga

It’s likely you’ve already heard of SUP, Stand Up Paddling, which has quickly become an immensely popular water sport. SUP is a ridiculously fun way to get a great workout while spending some time out on the water, under the sun.

As SUP has grown in popularity, so has SUP yoga. SUP yoga is the act of moving through yoga asanas, or poses, on the board. Usually, yoga practitioners have an anchor that holds the SUP board in place, but not always! Regardless, SUP yoga is extremely fun, and believe it or not, quite peaceful.

With spring break and summer break, not too far off, now is a great time to consider vacationing somewhere you can try out SUP yoga. Read on for our quick list on exactly why you should give it a try!

We All Need Balance

Bringing more balance into our lives is always a good thing. Practicing physical balance lends itself to creating more balance in other areas of our lives. A SUP yoga class is a lesson in balance – the subtle shifts of your movements affect the board. As you move through the class you’ll discover how to keep the balance between your body, the board, and the water.

A Practice of Enjoying The Present Moment

Without attention constantly being pulled in a million directions at once, focusing on the present moment alone is a rare treasure. In SUP yoga, remove your attention from the activity at hand and you may find yourself in the water. A present mind is a focused and clear mind, a gift that SUP yoga happily gives.

An Activity EveryBODY Can Try

This isn’t an activity reserved for any specific level of athletic ability, it’s open for all. If you’ve never done yoga before, no sweat, you’ll learn in class. If you’ve been doing yoga for years, you’ll discover how different it feels on a moving board. Young, elderly, short, tall, come as you are and leave feeling refreshed and inspired.

Strengthen Your Core

Connecting to balance is really connecting to one’s core, which you’ll do plenty of in SUP yoga. This is a great chance to strengthen the core, which will, in turn, strengthen the rest of your body.

Release Stress and Anxiety

They say anxiety comes from focusing too much on the future and what hasn’t occurred yet, and depression stems from living in the past. As mentioned, in SUP yoga you will simply be focusing on each breath as it comes, nothing more. This practice of presence will help you release stress, anxiety, and alleviate the effects of depression.

Bond With Your Loved Ones

Guarantee – if you take a SUP yoga class with your friends and family, you will bond in a way only SUP yoga can accomplish. It’s quite possible that you will end up chuckling as you watch your loved ones find their balance, or even as you or someone else takes an unexpected dip into the water (happens to all of us). It’s a great way to let loose with each other and let expectations slip away as you just have a great time.

Undoubtedly, You’ll Learn to Go With The Flow

Life is getting wrenches thrown into the plan. Life is having big ups, big downs, and plenty of in-betweens. Learning to go with the flow of life isn’t always easy, but it is necessary. SUP yoga is a practice in going with the flow. If a small wave or water disturbance comes along, you might need to adjust your pose. If another practitioner’s board floats too close to yours, you may find yourself toppling over. As you flow through the various challenges of class, you may find it easier to flow with the changes happening throughout your life. What happens on the SUP board doesn’t have to stay on the SUP board.

Ready to try? We’ve got just the place. Blue skies, turquoise water, and the bright sun shining overhead. This is the setting of SUP yoga at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, a resort on the idyllic Caribbean island of Curacao. Taught by the esteemed Liberty Suarez, a certified yoga, and SUP yoga instructor, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is proud to offer SUP yoga classes year-round. To learn more about SUP yoga and Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, visit here. Happy SUP yoga-ing!

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