The Latest Foodie Trends: From Fermenting to Pickling

In the 21st century, food has become more than just a way of sustenance; it’s become an experience. The phrase “you are what you eat” rings true in this digital age, where people post photos of their meals as much as they do their own families. With food being such a vital part of our culture, it’s no wonder food trends just as quickly as fashion or technology. We’ve rounded up some of today’s current trends to keep you on point for your next meal.

Back to the Basics

In the past decade, there has been a surge in culinary innovation. Even science has played a strategic role in cooking with the presence of chemicals like liquid nitrogen in meal prep to create dramatic dishes. However, now we’re seeing a trend to get back to the basics. Pickling, for example, has been around for thousands of years, when natives in the Tigris Valley started to brine and salt cucumbers. This same technique has become the new hipster home cooking trend, where people are pickling homegrown veggies and adding their own twist with special spices. Fermenting has also made its way onto the scene, with people brewing kombucha and making their own styles of kimchi.


Food has moved beyond home kitchens and is permeating into the entertainment scene. We’ve seen a transformation from wholesome at-home tutorials, like Julia Child’s Baking With Julia, into high-octane, competitive shows, like Top Chef and Chopped. And now, restaurants are offering a more interactive experience that allows customers to take front row and center, whether it’s by making your own onion volcano at Benihana or prepping your own meat dish over the fire at a Korean bbq.

Millennial Cooking

In this generation’s social media crazed world, foodie bloggers and yelpers have joined the ranks of professional food critics, and a restaurant’s word of mouth reputation has become just as important as an article in a culinary magazine. Instagram has transformed everyone into a food photographer, and food has become an art form. Also, trends towards a healthier lifestyle have brought a conscious shift towards natural ingredients over processed foods.

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