Embrace Your Inner Caveman in San Antonio, Texas

Summer is here  in San Antonio, Texas and all over people are firing up their grills in anticipation for barbeque season. If the thought of perfectly prepared meats gives you a giddy feeling, then you may want to move out of your comfort zone and try some of the dizzying arrays of barbecue styles to find your best match. The first place to focus? Texas! The state alone has four distinct styles based on the regions East, Central, West, and South. Why not give your inner caveman a hug for harnessing fire and try out some of these tasty spots?

Two Bros. BBQ Market

When Anthony Bourdain came to town he made this his barbeque restaurant of choice, letting the world know that this is a legit place to get your delish meat fix. Started by two brothers in 2008, Two Bros. BBQ Market is all about the classics. They earned even more cred when their creations were featured on the cover of Prophets of Smoked Meat, a book about everything Texas BBQ. Their menu gives visitors a chance to try a sampling of their offerings with the choice of family style packs. You can stay and eat to take advantage of the surrounding area and even sneak in a game of bocce ball. Or you can gather up all the goodness and enjoy it where people won’t be able to see you take down a whole rack of ribs. The choice is yours!   

The Granary

If you are truly a traditionalist then you will agree that barbeque and brews are a must! The Granary is a choice spot because not only can you order amazing smoked meats, you can also get house crafted beer and root beer. The menu is seasonally driven, and you can expect to choose from inventive entrees like brisket ramen or a whole barbeque board.Their focus on responsibly sourced meats and produce will mean you can feel good about ordering another pound of meat to celebrate the smokey taste of the season!  

The Big Bib BBQ

The Big Bib BBQ takes immense pride in being a legit Texas barbeque joint, and they have more than earned the right too! They slow-cook their meat up to 14 hours every day, and use aged oak and mesquite wood. They use a special blend of herbs and spices for their special dry rub that leaves the meat so fall off the bone delicious you might never want to eat anywhere else. Try their secret Bib Sauce if you want to take your dish to the next level, or just dig in as is.Show up as early as you can because once they sell out, there is no more left for the day!

Ready to Dig In?

Try some of the best barbeque that Texas has to offer by planning your next culinary adventure somewhere that has it all! San Antonio, Texas has the full range of smoked meats to enjoy and a wide range of activities to fill in the time while you wait for your next meal. Stay at Hotel Contessa, where you will be in the middle of all the action right on the famed Riverwalk!  

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