Havasu’s Lakeside Lighthouses Give You a Look at America’s Best Lighthouse Architecture

If you had to ask someone which city in the U.S. has the most lighthouses they might respond with a town in New England or Michigan. What you might be surprised to find out is this title actually lies with the landlocked city of Lake Havasu. With over twenty lighthouses that shine on its shores, Lake Havasu gives any coastal town a run for its money and even has a Lighthouse Club that’s dedicated to the upkeep of these treasured edifices.

Making the Lake Safe For All

Lake Havasu stretches 45 miles from north to south, and on a warm summer evening, it’s the perfect spot to go stargazing by boat. In the past, however, this allure led many astray into the lake’s unseemingly treacherous waters, causing many accidents. This is why in 2000, the citizens of Lake Havasu decided to take action and create the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club in order to improve the safety and navigational visibility of the lake.

A Tour of Lighthouses Past

To create their coastal safe haven, the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club decided to line the lake with replicas of famous lighthouses from around America. However, unlike the originals, these lighthouses were mini versions, reaching only one-third the size of their counterparts. Today, the lighthouses not only offer a safe haven for those cruising the lake, but they’ve also become an iconic tourist attraction, allowing visitors to experience the unique architecture of a handful of the best lighthouses all in one spot.

From the classic red and white Vermilion lighthouse of Lake Erie to the barbershop-striped White Shoal lighthouse of Lake Michigan to the black and white tower from Fire Island, each individual lighthouse has its own special history and construction to take away.

A Nautical Retreat

If you love boating, history, and lakeside getaways as much as we do, you might want to reserve a spot at Lake Havasu’s original hideaway, The Nautical Beachfront Resort. Built in the 1960’s, it’s the only beachfront resort in Arizona and has become a mainstay for repeat visitors in the area. Here you can enjoy a mai tai at the bar while watching the sunset over the lake or take advantage of the direct access to water activities all year long.  

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