Greet Summer Somewhere Special – Vail Colorado Cements its Summer Destination Status


When people usually think about Vail, Colorado, snowy mountains and cold weather fun may be the first things to come to mind. It is no secret that Vail is home to some of the most epic skiing and winter activities on this planet. However, is there more to this destination than meets the eye? While winter gets all the attention, summer may just be its best kept secret. When your thoughts turn to planning a summer getaway, give Vail a closer look. Check out just some of these fun warm weather activities:

Mountains Aren’t Just For Skiing
It would be a mistake to dismiss mountain activities once winter is over. During the warmer months when the snow melts, it gives way to a mountain biker’s paradise. Vail Mountain Bike Park has trails that span a wide range of difficulty levels, so everyone can have a chance to experience the fun. There are trails like Upper Fireweed, that are perfect for beginners who want to ease into a new activity and still take in the excitement of the sport. There are also numerous trails to suit intermediate and advanced riders who want to tackle more adventure. In fact, Vail has so many trails, you are sure to find one that is just right!

Nature Comes To Life
The beauty of Vail charms visitors in every season, and summer is when nature really comes alive. Hike to get a better view of what makes this destination a year-round must.  Much like the trails for skiing and mountain biking, there are hiking trails to suit every fitness and experience level. Wildflowers and gorgeous views are within everyone’s reach. If you choose to hike Vail’s gondola accessed trails, you are in for an even more spectacular treat. Save time to visit the Nature Discovery Center and get an in depth look at what this area has to offer!

You Can Still Speed Down the Mountain
If you think you might miss the feeling of flying down the mountain at top speed this summer then you are in luck. You can hop on the Forest Flyer alpine coaster and speed down the mountain on your own raised sled. The coaster winds its way through the natural contours of the forest and allows you to travel 3,400 feet. The gravity controlled coaster allows you to be the boss and control your speed. The best part? No snow needed!

So Much More To Do!
Vail, Colorado is blossoming into a truly year-round vacation destination. Visitors can now engage in activities that no other destination can offer in one place. Cap off your perfect getaway by staying at  Tivoli Lodge. A perfect place to relax and take in everything that Vail has to offer!

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