Get Back to Your Jovial Childhood Roots in North Carolina’s Backyard

There’s something about summer that summons a vision of sun-soaked kids running around a lakeside dock, being carefree and wild. Summer is an homage to the smoky smell of camp s’mores over a crackling fire and the gooey marshmallow that got so easily stuck to your fingertips. Everyone has their own version of an iconic childhood summer, but for the most part, it reminds us of a simpler time without the throngs of technology and push notifications that distract us today.

Back to the Basics

For those looking to get back to concentrating on the simple joys in life, plan a summer vacation that lets you fully appreciate the great outdoors and spend quality time with those you love. A destination like North Carolina, that feels off the grid and rustic is the perfect place to start. Filled with hidden gems, the woods and mountains of North Carolina will make you feel right at home and ready to relax.

A Lodge Dedicated to Summer Traditions

One of our favorite locales to disconnect is at the High Hampton Resort, which has a long list of returning guests that have made their stay there a summer event. The resort embraces a quaint countryside sophistication where you feel just as comfortable sitting in your pajamas playing checkers at one of their painted wood tables as you do following their dinnertime dress code of no denim, no ball caps, no cell phones – an homage to an earlier era. It’s this thoughtful sense of tradition that makes the High Hampton Resort truly special.

Encouraging Memories

With 1,400 acres of landscape underneath the Chimney Top and Rock mountains, you’ll have plenty of activities to take advantage of from canoeing on the property’s lake, hiking and exploring through the woods, or just enjoying some downtime sipping wine on one of their Adirondack deck chairs. The current owners have also made a point to offer experiential activities like “Sweet Tea and Firefly” night where you can catch fireflies in mason jars, and “Dinner in the Dahlias” where you can dine outdoors surrounded by hundreds of dahlias. Whatever your fancy, we encourage you to make this summer your time to embrace your inner child and create some new traditions with those close to you.

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