Gator Country – Get Up Close in Orlando Florida

For family fun, shopping, golfing and dining, Orlando is the destination that has it all. But is there something that visitors might be overlooking? With all the new and exciting additions to the Orlando scene, there is one creature that has been around long before Mickey Mouse called this place home. I am talking of course about the native alligators that can be found in the area. These often misunderstood creatures are thrilling to meet and learn about. Try out one of these ways to get up close and personal with the real stars of Orlando:


Gatorland is THE theme park for anyone who wants to get to know more about the alligators and their habitat. From the moment you walk through the gator jaws to enter the park, you will be treated with many activities which will get you closer to the gator action. If you want to get hands on, and even hold a baby alligator you can become a trainer for a day, or if you want to wrestle one of these feared creatures try out their rookie wrestling attraction where you can actually hold their jaws!

Airboat Tours

If you want to see gators in their natural habitat, you might want to choose an airboat tour. You will find yourself actually immersed in the habitat and able to see these animals from the safety of a boat. At the same time, airboats are fast and fun on their own. Tours are educational, and provide the background of what makes this environment so special. The thrill of skimming at top speed and seeing the natural wonder of Orlando adds to the experience.

River Cruises

A river cruise is an excellent option for those who want to see alligators and more, but don’t want to travel at breakneck speeds to do it. Orlando and the surrounding area has many options that can include food, drinks, and even manatee sightings. Cruising leisurely up and down the river will allow you to relax and take in what nature has to offer, including the powerful alligators that call these areas home.

Discover Orlando!

Indulge yourself and take in all the wonderful activities that Orlando has to offer. The Grove Resort and Spa is a perfect home base for your trip, providing family fun on site and conveniently located to everything!


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