Facials For… Four Please! Get Pampered With Your Significant Other and Little Ones Too!

A family that relaxes together, stays together. When thinking of ultimate relaxation, what comes to mind? Frequent answers include floating, meditating, lounging and going to the spa.

Let’s face it – we live in a busy, fast paced society, and it’s not often that we take the time to rest and rejuvenate. Though we may not have to hunt for food, or face the perils of the wild as humans of long ago did, our sympathetic nervous system – the system designed to ignite our “fight or flight” response – is constantly turned on.

Why is that? Overstimulation. Between devices, work, social media and the like, we are stimulated at all hours of the day! Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means we need to take extra care to activate our parasympathetic nervous system – our rest and digest response.

The bottom line – we all need to relax. Adults and children. Studies show children are often just as stressed as adults, yet we may not even realize it.

Which is exactly why the creative team at The Chattanoogan Hotel, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is introducing its brand new Family Spa Retreat.

Designed to enable families to refresh and recharge together in the beautiful surroundings of a tranquil spa, the Family Spa Day is a truly transformative experience. What better way to slow the pace down a little than by enjoying spa treatments with your nearest and dearest?

For two hours, each family member will enjoy a mini-massage, mini-facial and mini mani/pedis, all within the serenely peaceful and soothing spa. This stress-free environment is the ideal setting to bond and create lifelong memories.

Every spa experience can be enhanced with a tea party, and you can bet your bottom dollar the Family Spa Day has one. Sandwiches, dessert and lemonade will be prepared and can be enjoyed before, during or after the spa services. To keep the relaxation going as long as possible, participants are also encouraged to bring bathing suits to enjoy the indoor pool as well.

“Most of the time it’s adults who utilize our spa services. Mom’s retreat, couples, etc. to find a little serenity and leave feeling refreshed,” explains Tom Cupo, General Manager of the Chattanoogan. “In the hotel, though, we have lots of families come to stay, and though vacations are fun, they aren’t always relaxing. So we decided to brainstorm how to enhance a family vacation and thought, what better way than to invite mom, dad and the kids for a combined spa getaway.”

As a society we are plunging deeper into wellness in nearly all aspects of our lives – work, school, leisure, vacations, etc. which is great news! It’s not just adults suffering from poor diets, stress and hours spent hunched over devices which is why spa trends across the nation are offering services and packages aimed at adults and kids.

The Family Spa Day is designed for a family of four, with kids at least six years or older, but it can be adjusted to accommodate smaller, or larger, families. With the holidays quickly approaching, now is an excellent time to plan a family getaway to enjoy some well deserved R & R. Plan your getaway to the exciting and dynamic city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, where you and your family can explore the surrounding mountains, rivers, city and more. And, of course, end your trip with a day of relaxation for the entire family at The Chattanoogan. Time to treat yourself!

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