Explore Curacao’s Underwater Coral Architecture in the Mushroom Forest

The ideal Caribbean summer vacation consists of sun, beach, and equal parts relaxation and play. In Curacao, you’ll have just that. A hotspot for watersports, it meets all the requirements for those looking for a bit of adventure outside of sipping on Mai Tai’s and working on your bronze. With idyllic blue waters and white sand, it’s hard to keep away from all the coastal activities that have sprouted up over the years in paradise. To help you navigate the waters, we’ve put together a list of our top three water activities in Curacao.

Take a Dive Into the Deep Blue With Sea Turtles

Curacao is renowned for calm, crystal clear waters that are ideal for scuba diving. Here you can appreciate both shore and offshore diving to explore the abundant reefs and marine life in the area. Our favorite diving adventure is easily the Klein Curaçao Adventure, which was named Curacao’s #1 Day Excursion. On this day trip, you’ll sail to a pristine island off the coast where sea turtles make their home. If you thought swimming with dolphins was amazing, you have to try floating alongside a family of sea turtles.

Get Up Close and Personal With Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing puts the thrill back in fishing. Not only are you floating above a marine playground, in Curacao you can actually see through the water and get a preview of your catch! There’s also something liberating about being able to maneuver around the ocean freely to find your own fishing spot. If you’ve always wanted to try fishing but never had the patience, kayak fishing might provide the right balance of relaxation and adventure you’ve been looking for.

Discover the Interesting Reef Formations in Mushroom Forest

To enjoy some architecture outside of the city, we recommend taking a trip into Curacao’s Mushroom Forest, an impressive coral reef with unusual mushroom-shaped formations that will make you feel like you’re Alice in Wonderland. If you take a trip with Breeze Adventures, you’ll also get to discover the Blue Room aka the Blue Cave, an almost entirely submerged cave filled with neon blue water.

At the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, you’ll have direct access to both Breeze Adventures and Epsilon Dive Center, which just opened locations on the property. This means instead of having to leave your hotel and wait in line for your tour, you can relax in your own private beachside cabana until it’s time to head out on your adventure. For more information on the activities the resort offers, check out their website.

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