The Evolution of One of Today’s Favorite Cocktails: The Bloody Mary

If you ask any brunch bartender what their most popular drink on the menu is, the Bloody Mary is sure to top their list. The tang of tomato, the zing of hot sauce, and the crunch of celery are too delectable to resist. However, few actually know the history behind this masterful concoction.

A Classic Drink Defined

Originating in the 1920’s, the veggie based drink spawned in a Parisian expat cocktail bar from a bartender named Fernand “Pete” Petiot. Tailored for American expats, the bartender muddled tomato together with Russian vodka, making for a savory sip. While the original recipe was definitely interesting, the drink took on a whole other level when Petriot moved to the St. Regis Hotel in New York where he came up with another iteration called the Red Snapper. This version added the kick of spice and citrus that match today’s classic Bloody Mary flavor profile.

An Elevation of Flavors

The real roots behind these defining flavors came from pepper, Worcestershire sauce, lemon and Tabasco sauce. While the new mix was a hit, the name Red Snapper didn’t seem to stick with the crowd, so the Bloody Mary we know of today was born. With newfound popularity the drink took on a life of its own, being featured in cocktail books and becoming the go-to cure for hangovers.

The Bloody Mary Today

Today, the drink is a staple on bar and brunch menus and has gone through various interpretations, from bacon-infused to extremely spicy ghost pepper Bloody Mary’s. In Lake Havasu, they have a Bloody Mary that’s 30 years in the making. Created by a local named Lynn, Lake Havasu’s most famous Bloody Mary has won the hearts of tourists and locals alike. With such popularity, Lynn decided to have her special recipe showcased on the menu of Havasu’s classic homestay, The Nautical Beachfront Resort, so visitors could sip while enjoying the panoramic lake atmosphere that has attracted people worldwide. Along with being featured at the resort, Lynn’s Bloody Mary mix is now being manufactured in Florida and distributed in several states.

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