Enjoy Your Vacation with Minimal Stress – Park Your Car and Forget it

It can sometimes feel like we spend more and more time in our cars. From our work commutes to the ever increasing obligations that have us on the road; it might feel as if your car is your second home. When we feel like this, it makes sense to choose a weekend getaway where we park our cars at our hotel and explore in ways that allow us to actually destress and decompress! Make these considerations when you decide to ditch the car for a weekend:

Choose a Property Near a Small Walkable Town
It can be very quaint to walk in a relaxing small downtown environment. Towns that are small with a bustling area for tourists to enjoy good food and shopping can be ideal for those of us who want to get our steps in while we sightsee. Increasingly these areas have restaurants and other pursuits that rival their big city neighbors. Consider finding you own intimate sanctuary with an escape to a nearby a quaint area so that you can enjoy new sights, sounds, and tastes, without being stuck in traffic.

Go For a Bike Ride
Getting out of your car doesn’t mean you have to get on your feet. Why not hop on a bike and feel the sunshine on your shoulders while taking in the local scenery. Decide on a hotel that has bikes for guests to use, and you won’t have to bother with bringing your own or finding a bike rental. Just hop on and go!

Wineries, Beer Tastings, and More Can Be Steps Away
Do you get excited when you try a new wine or beer? If tastings are your thing, there is nothing better than being able to conduct your tour on foot! You won’t have to worry about transportation, and you will be able to take in the beauty of each location.  After all how can you stop to smell the roses when you are stuck in the car?

You can have it all!
If you getaway to Willows Lodge in Woodinville Washington, you can experience quaint small town life, go for amazing hikes, grab a bicycle for an amusing ride, and even walk to a multitude of tasting rooms including the famous Chateau Ste. Michelle across the street! Take charge of your getaway and leave your car keys in your room.


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