Elevate Your Mind, Body & Soul and Escape the Hustle of the Holidays

A slight chill in the air, the familiarity of the Nutcracker Suite on the radio, and the celebration of the holiday season is underway. Pop the bubbly and break out the shopping list, it’s time to get the planning and festivities started.

Of course, this time of year is dedicated to love, family, and giving, but how often do those three things result in copious amounts of stress on your end? Though we all enjoy the holidays, and want to make them extra special for our loved ones, sometimes the stress of achieving those goals can be overwhelming.

Which is why, this holiday season, as you craft your shopping list, make party plans and arrangements, construct your holiday card, etc. etc., add one more to-do onto that ever-growing list – rejuvenate.

Nurturing yourself is the first step towards taking care of everyone else. Though they aren’t meant to, the holidays have a way of exhausting the mind, body, and soul, mostly because we forget to recharge our own batteries.

Taking a weekend, a day, or even just an evening, every now and then, to slow down, relax, and focus on your own health & wellness will work wonders on your stress levels.

Though there are ample ways, and places, for such rejuvenation to occur, consider venturing to the Centennial State for a refresh of all the senses. Known for its healing prowess, Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a haven for the health & wellness minded.

Considering it’s abundant physical magnificence, it’s no wonder why people flock there to begin a journey of renewal, healing, and revitalization. The sights, sounds, and smells of Cheyenne Mountain will clear your mind and breathe new energy into your body. The fresh mountain air will brighten your complexion and invigorate your skin.

Treat yourself and give the gift of relaxation throughout the holiday season, you’ve earned it. Take the stress out of the holidays at the blissful new Alluvia Spa & Wellness Retreat.

Located at the renowned Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Alluvia Spa has only been open since June. Featuring six treatment rooms, a Sanctuary Room, and an outdoor patio with a phenomenal view of Cheyenne Mountain, it’s ready to refresh you.

“With our desire to offer a complete mind, body, and spirit experience, we’ve also introduced a Juice Bar, which serves fresh, local ingredients,” explains Curtis Bova, Director of Sales and Marketing for Cheyenne Mountain Resort. “We’re committed to wellness, and wellness isn’t reserved to one part of the body or mind. To really rejuvenate and transform, we encourage our guests to take in the views, explore the nature at hand, indulge at the spa, and nourish the body with fresh food.”

Offering massages, facials, body soaks & scrubs, manicures & pedicures, waxing services, and more, Alluvia Spa has all the needed tools to make anyone feel renewed.

During the shopping, planning, and celebrating madness, it can be challenging to recognize your own needs, and ensure they’re met. Taking time away from the crazed energy of the season will give you a fresh perspective, and enable you to love and care for your friends and family at a greater capacity. Always remember, in life generosity knows no boundaries when thinking of others, but it’s also nice to reward yourself along the way.

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