Dramatic Views and Locally-Inspired Fare. Treat Your Senses to a New Level of Dining

There’s nothing quite like this. When every single sense is engaged and excited simultaneously, it’s a profound experience. The mixture of fresh, local, ingredients, paired with awe-inspiring wines will delight and surprise your taste buds. Euphoria has swept across your palette. Now, your eyes are being indulged as they take in the magnificent sweeping views of Monterey Bay and the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The term farm to table gets thrown around a lot these days, but what does it really mean? Well, it’s quite simple, farm to table refers to when restaurants source their ingredients locally, and then use those local ingredients to produce delicious meals. The significance of this concept is to promote sustainability, inspire culinary creativity and help to support and encourage local, independent farmers.

Supporting local farmers is essential because it’s getting increasingly more difficult for them to compete against giant farm corporations. Another key component of the concept is preserving the freshness of the food since it often has to travel hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles to reach it’s final destination, retaining only a fraction of its freshness. Most of us are so accustomed to the taste of mainstream grocery store produce, that we may not even be aware of it’s lack of taste.

Imagine enjoying a salad full of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, onions and more, all of which picked from a farm 20 miles away, earlier the same day. Not to mention, sourced from a farm that utilizes all of the modern techniques in sustainable farming, and has premium soil quality. Every single bite you take of that salad will be bursting with unmatched flavor. That’s a salad you’re unlikely to ever forget.

An unforgettable dining experience is exactly what the 2015 Farm to Table Wine Dinner Series at Chaminade Resort & Spa is all about.

“Each dinner is artfully crafted, taking into consideration which foods are in season,  as well as which seasonal foods will blend well with with the local wines,” says Executive Chef Kirsten Ponza. “It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to work with the farmers and vintners themselves to thoughtfully create an exceptional meal that our guests will never forget.”

Set on Chaminade’s mountainside terrace, the event features five different courses, each of which is paired with free flowing local wines. The goal is for each guest to savor the incredible flavors of each course, while sipping on wines that also highlight the various flavors.

Perhaps even more exciting than the food and wine itself, is the company of the chef, farmers, and vintners. Many of the key players who worked together to enable this spectacular event, will be present to answer any questions and explain their role in the process.

Beginning in May of 2008 with a humble crowd of just 12, word spread quickly and the demand became so intense that more dinners have been added each summer. Seating is limited at each captivating event, ensuring the atmosphere remains intimate. If you’re inspired by arousing all of your culinary senses and experiencing complete satisfaction, reserve your seating soon for one or all five events. Click here to view the details for each event.

An evening of sensational flavors and wine paired with engaging company set amid stunning scenery. It may sound too good to be true, but this annual dining adventure is as real as the locally grown cuisine.

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