Dahlia-Filled Bouquets Are Making Their Wedding Debut in 2018

With spring right around the corner, wedding season is in full bloom. If you’re one of those couples that are quickly becoming overwhelmed by the flurry of Pinterest boards, table settings, and meal options, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. To help you stay on track with the latest trends and give some fresh inspiration to your nuptials, we’ve rounded up our top wedding trend highlights of 2018.

Less is More

In 2018 weddings are moving away from huge blowouts and transforming into more intimate affairs. Gone are the days of inviting your third cousin’s brother-in-law. Couples are seeking to trim down their guest lists, keeping their ceremony private and memorable, and allowing their budget to extend in all the right ways.

Looking Beyond Roses

While roses have always been the perfect complement to a classic romance, this year we’re seeing brides looking to create unique and unexpected bouquets. Instead of perfectly curated bouquets, we’re seeing bouquets that have a more organic, wild-picked feel to them. Dahlia’s have also come onto the scene as the flower of the year, with bold, geometrical petals, and a variety of colors, from ethereal blushes to moody deep violets.

Next Level Desserts

In past years we’ve seen the shift from traditional wedding cakes to the alternative cupcake and donut stations, but 2018 is taking it a step further by making that last bite an experience. Replace the cake table with an artisanal gelato truck, colorful cotton candy machine, or make-your-own froyo station. Then guzzle it down with warm espressos from around the world or a nice syrupy liqueur shot. Your guests will not only enjoy their ability to personalize their sweets, but it also gives them a great photo op.

A Professional Touch

Once you have an idea of what type of wedding you’re looking for, the next best step is to hire a professional to make your expectations become a reality. At Eaglewood Resort & Spa, their dedicated catering team has years of experience transforming wedding meals into gourmet gatherings. Plus, with 106 acres of wooded property, you can find the perfect spot for your ceremony, whether you want to wed in a regal ballroom or on a stylish rooftop terrace.

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