Cook What You Catch: Wrangle Yourself a Trout in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole’s landscape is rugged, vast, and full of flora and fauna that attract outdoor lovers year-round. In winter, you can go snowshoeing and watch buffalo graze over the snow-filled valleys of the Grand Teton, and in the summer you can go horseback riding and explore local waterfalls. One of our top recommendations for people visiting Jackson Hole is to try fly fishing.

A Pastime for Everyone

While you may think fly fishing is exclusive to aficionados of the sport, or to people who already have a full bait and tackle set they’ve collected over the years, you might be surprised by how easy it is to get into the fly fishing mindset. With knowledgeable guides, like those at Fish the Fly, you’ll have all the gear and transportation to get you started on the river. Being out on the river is such a great bonding activity, making it a great option for a family trip or even an unorthodox bachelorette party!

Take it From the Professionals

The key to fly fishing is to enjoy the process. Senior Fly Fishing Guide at Fish the Fly, Bill Pierce, says ”They call it fishing not catching, have patience. Try not to get frustrated.” Usually, it isn’t until you begin to relax that you start catching fish, and with good company, magnificent scenery, and a guide to lead the way, you won’t have any trouble finding your groove.

The Fly Fishing Rundown

In Jackson Hole, there are plenty of rivers and creeks to try out your fly fishing techniques and there are several types of trout that make these waters their home. The Snake River, Green River, and South Fork are all great spots for drift boat fishing, while the backcountry creeks in Yellowstone and Grand Teton are perfect for wade fishing. Whichever style you choose you’ll be sure to spot some of the local wildlife, including elk, bison, river otters, and maybe even a bear or two!

Plan Your Fly Fishing Getaway

If you want to experience wide open wilderness in Jackson Hole, then be sure to book your stay at Snow King Resort Hotel & Condos where you can take fly fish casting classes all summer long with Spencer Morton, a two-time winner of the Jackson Hole One Fly. With over 203 guestrooms embracing a rustic lodge style design, you’ll feel like you’ve found a true mountain retreat right in the intersection between the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

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