Challenge Your Vacation Routine – It Is Easier Than You Think

Adventure can be experienced in a moment, or throughout the course of an entire vacation. Some of us may find that true thrills require a huge amount of planning, and involve an element of danger. For others, adventure might be a as simple as trying something new while visiting a tried and true destination. Regardless of your style of adventure, planning an out-of-the-box holiday can fit the bill. Challenge your usual routine with the mystery and excitement of a new experience! Here are some reasons why you should switch things up on your next holiday:

You Don’t Have To Be a Total Thrill Junkie to Shake Up Your Vacation
Being adventurous doesn’t always mean jumping out of planes or sharing drinks underwater with sharks, unless that’s your cup of tea. Rather, when you are selecting the right hotel, choose one that offers fun opportunities to try something new. You will fully enjoy your time away without worrying about moving completely out of your comfort zone. It can be as simple as going on a kayaking tour and taking in the sights, or enjoying a culinary delight that you have yet to taste. Allow yourself the chance to explore and savor these new moments. Remember, you don’t have to overdo it in order to enjoy a totally fresh experience.

Participating in New Activities Can Be Easier Than You Think
Once you’ve picked your vacation destination, investigate what activities hotels in that area offer. A little research will help you find the perfect property that offers exactly what you crave. Plus, onsite experiences make it easy to participate without stress or bother. If you’ve wanted to try sunrise yoga by the water, then take a look at places that offer it right on property. When you’re on vacation, you don’t want to travel far in order to try something new!

 Original Experiences Are Right Off Our Coast
Our coasts are home to some of the most interesting sights and activities! Does exploring a shipwreck sound like a fun time? Right off the coast in Vero Beach you can do just that. The S.S. Breconshire ran ashore off the Atlantic Coast in 1894 in front of what is now the Costa d’Este. It is only 150 yards away from the shore, yet it is a world away.

Routine Challenging Vacations Can Be Stress-free To Plan
Letting your hotel do the work for you reduces the stress of planning a rut-breaking holiday, and lets you focus on trying something new! Consider Costa d’Este’s Package Deal which includes an excursion to see a shipwreck as well as many other memorable activities. A truly simple and enjoyable choice to break out of your routine!

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