This Athletic Cocktail Is The Perfect Catalyst For Your Next Race

If running a marathon isn’t challenging enough, the Pikes Peak Marathon takes it to a whole new level with a course that runs 7,815’ straight uphill. Also named America’s Ultimate Challenge, this marathon attracts a whole other breed of runners to its starting line. With 63% of the marathon consisting of the Ascent, athletes have to be prepared physically and mentally to master keeping pace at high altitude. Luckily, since Colorado is such an outdoor capital, you’ll have access to everything from therapies to high-performance food and drink that will help keep you in-check pre and post race day.

Pre-Race: Relax and Detox

If you arrive a couple of days early, we recommend visiting the Strata Integrated Wellness Spa where you can get an IV Therapy session to help with hydration, altitude acclimation, and overall muscular health. If a massage is more your style, try a Foot Balancing Massage, which utilizes reflexology points to improve overall health. Spend a day lounging in their salt chambers or try infrared therapy to help relieve any pain you may have.

Post-Race: Celebrate With a Cocktail

While having a nice beer after crossing the finish line may sound ideal to some, others seek to hydrate and rejuvenate. The Athletic Cocktail is a great way to heal your body after a serious workout, with a blend of essential amino acids designed to restore muscular health and performance. If you want to bounce back, relieve tension and achiness, and reward your body for all its hard work, this concoction is for you.

The Perfect Place to Rest

After running a marathon, the last thing you want to do is move from your hotel room. That’s why it’s a good idea to stay somewhere comfortable, where you have plenty of services at your fingertips. At the Garden of the Gods Collection, you’ll have direct access to the Strata Integrated Wellness Spa, along with a salon, an outdoor infinity-edge pool, and two on-site restaurants. For those looking to run Pike’s Peak, this is a go-to destination to rest and recharge in luxury.

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