Admire The Best Vintage Boats Around the Nation at Wisconsin’s Annual Classic Antique Boat Show

Trains, planes, and automobiles have always been something to admire over the years. Like a fine wine, with time some of these machines turn into artworks that tenfold in value. Whether you’re at an air museum looking at World War II-era fighter jets, feeling the retro vibes of a 1956 Chevrolet Nomad during a Sunday car parade, or embarking on a harbor cruise along a New Orlean’s steamboat from the 1920’s, there’s something to appreciate about vintage craftsmanship.

Wisconsin’s Classic Boat Show

In Wisconsin, they take this appreciation to a whole new level with a Classic Antique Boat Show which attracts over 150 boats to the harbor of The Abbey Resort, an upscale 90-acre resort located on the shores of Lake Geneva. The annual event takes place during September 28-30th and will showcase vessels from all over the country. Boats range from aged mahogany cruising vessels to high performance 1960’s speedboats. While many ships are renovated, owners do their best to salvage original parts like steering wheels and lights and choose a paint job that reflects the spirit of the boat’s time.

The Best of the Best

One of the best parts about the show is browsing through the marina and picking out your favorite boats, and at the end of the day seeing if they won in their category. With over 25 different award categories, each boat has an opportunity to shine. Some of these include Best Fiberglass, Best Contemporary, Best Antique Utility, Best Cruiser, and People’s Choice. Check out last year’s winners here.

Enjoy the Boat Life

If seeing boats all day makes you want to take one out to enjoy the lake we suggest hopping on an evening cocktail cruise where you can soak in the lake’s famous sunsets while listening to live music. Cruises happen each Thursday from 6-8pm, and different artists perform each week. For a full package with accommodation, cruise, and complimentary breakfast, check out The Abbey Resort website.

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